About H&C Assessoria

15 years of history…

A company with more than 15 years of relevant services provided to large companies in various sectors of the Brazilian economic scenario, it was born from the dream of 2 great friends / entrepreneurial brothers, when they verified that companies were looking for more technical, broad and honest support for their processes processed by the public bodies to which they were supposed to report.

Why choose us?

Agility and Deadline

We defined that our competitive differential would be based on agility and transparency in the provision of services, as well as on the feedback given to the client about the processes, so that he has enough information to make a decision.

Transparency and Fairness in Processes (Compliance)

As a way of demonstrating the ethical behavior adopted as a core value of our company, we ask all customers to include us in their Compliance processes, if they have one.

Cost Optimization

In addition to reducing costs by being legalized before the regulatory bodies of your activity, we offer fair values and adequate to the requirements of the processes. Our values are tabulated so that customers feel secure as to what is being charged for the requested service.

Experience and Knowledge

We have training in Business Administration and Economics, sufficient knowledge of the tax and legal area, to represent the client before bodies. We are duly registered with the CRA (Regional Board of Directors), the body that regulates our activity.

Solutions in Business Advice and Various Legalizations