Regulatory Area

H&C Assessoria Empresarial helps its clients issue, monitor expiration dates and renew licenses, in addition to monitoring updates to legislation and regulations applicable to their business.


Firefighters - Certificate of Approval (C.A.) and Report of Requirement (L.E.)

With more than 20 years of experience in the area, we manufacture plants in accordance with COSCIP (Fire and Panic Safety Code) and take care from the entry of the process to the issuance of L.E. and issuance of the C.A.

Environmental and Sanitary Licenses, Operation and Construction Licenses, among others.

We issue any necessary licenses as determined by the regulatory bodies of the client's activity. We accompany the process from the preparation of documents, entry, analysis, meeting any requirements to completion with the proper issuance of the license.

Service to Class, Regulatory and Municipal Bodies

We respond to demands in various bodies to which customers must report when it comes to the technical area of activity carried out by the company.

Complete solutions for issuing certificates, reports, licenses and various legalizations.